Meet the Book-Blogger!

Hey guys,

I thought that I would use this first post to introduce myself and explain why I ‘ve started this blog.
My name is Tabassum/Tabz, I have a masters in History from UCL and I did my post-graduate dissertation on the popularisation and acceptance of Fairy Tales in Victorian Society. I also work at the Natural History Museum in London. Yay Dinosaurs!
My reading adventure began well over a decade and a half ago when my mother decided that I wasn’t allowed to watch TV and she sat me down and placed a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in front of me. Naturally, I resisted her attempts to get me to read until we struck a deal. I would read this book and if I didn’t like it then my mother wouldn’t try to force me to read again. Given what I’m currently typing, I think its safe to say that she succeeded in getting me to read. But what she didn’t know was that she would spend the next decade or so constantly exasperated by my new found love. I vividly remember an argument with my mum over who got to read Order of the Phoenix first , my mum naturally reminding me about my reluctance to pick up the series in the first place. Regardless I won! And this made for a fantastic learning experience as we bought 2 copies of the subsequent books. (Well she bought and I read)
Eventually I began to expand beyond the ‘Potterverse’ and started making my way through various libraries.  Which led to building my own library, and the one upside to growing up is being able to indulge my obsessions. Nowadays in addition to Harry Potter, some of my favourite fandoms include; Throne Of Glass, A Court of Thorns and Roses and Percy Jackson, to name a few. I’m also lucky enough to be a freelance editor. This something I can take further now that Uni is over and who knows, maybe one day I’ll be inspired to write something of my own. Never say never after all.
I wanted to this this blog for a few reasons, firstly, because I’m started to feel the limitations that come with blogging solely on bookstagram. Second, because I want to give myself a platform where I wouldn’t feel guilty about mentioning spoilers. While I wont always have them, and I’ll always flag them if I do, I like the option of being able to discuss a book properly on a more public platform. This is officially my safe space.
Anyways that’s all for now and this has ended up being far longer than I intended it to be.
love Tabz

Author: tabz_talks_tales

I have an MA in History with a focus on the cultural evolution of fairy tales and I currently work at the Natural History Museum. When I say that I love to read, what I really mean is that I'm obsessed. While I obviously prefer a good book, a bad one can sometimes leave me just as passionate in my frustration. After all you need the bad to appreciate the good, and you need the good to basically leave you as an emotional wreck after reading the great. While I primarily plan to focus on focus on reviews and author interviews, you can expect some weekly drabbles about all the highs and lows that come with loving to read.